"Who Else Wants To Know How A Young Dancer Turned $25,000 Into 2 Million Dollars Within 18 Months?"

This unconventional trading method raised a lot of eyebrows among Wall Streeters and also fired the interest and imagination of thousands of investors across the country. Now it’s your turn to explode your trading profits...

Some amazing facts about Nicolas Darvas and why he may be the best trader in history!

  1. In 1959, Darvas proved once and for all to Time Magazine that his trading methods work and still work today.

  2. What shocked Darvas most about his method was, not how much money he made but rather, the ease with which he made it - it was soo easy he did it while on a world ballroom dancing tour.

  3. Darvas' story is one of the most intriguing, yet least known of all the trading greats (there's a reason for this). Read this letter and find out why...

During the past 6 years, I've been quietly testing, tweaking, and fine-tuning Nicolas Darvas’ trading system.

With his unique approach Nicolas Darvas’ made over $2,000,000 PROFIT from the stock market.

Now you can read his amazing story and learn exactly how easily he did it.

From: Jim Cox
4:03pm Thursday.

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been thinking of having a go at the stock market and you’re not quite sure on where to start... or maybe you’ve tried investing your hard earned money in a stock or two... only to find out it’s not quite as simple as some of these ‘financial advisors’ would have you believe, then...

This could be the most important message you will read this year and here's why...

Over the past 22 years I’ve spent almost $43,500 chasing the holy grail of trading. I’ve read almost every book, listened to every home study course and visited countless seminars...

As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s just so much garbage out there, sometimes it’s hard to sort the fact from fiction. Then, 6 years ago, I stumbled across something that changed my trading life forever... and it ‘exploded’ my trading profits through the roof.

I’m talking about the story of Nicholas Darvas and...

How He Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market.

Let me tell you a little bit about this man and why he had such an impact. It’s truly an inspiring story...

Before Darvas came to America, he studied economics at the University of Budapest. During World War II, he fled Hungary for Turkey. Until 1951, when he emigrated to the United States, he trained with his half sister, Julia, to be a ballroom dancer.

Over the next few years, Darvas and Julia became the highest paid ballroom dancing pair in the United States. The pair became so successful that by 1956 they were touring the world.

While on tour a Toronto nightclub owner could not pay Darvas in cash, so he paid him with three thousand shares of a Canadian mining company called Brilund.  Almost two months later, the stock tripled and Darvas made a tidy profit. This was the birth of a trader that would later become a wall street classic…

In fact, in May 1959, the Time Magazine devoted almost a full page in its Business section to the extraordinary Stock-Market story of a dancer—Nicolas Darvas.

The Times told how this complete non-professional, who ignores tips, financial stories and brokers letters was able to make himself a millionaire several times over. With just $10,000 to invest, he managed to make $2,000,000 in just 18 Months in the stock market. What’s even more exciting is the fact that he did so while on tour overseas.

Who Else Would Like To Know Darvas’ Secret Trading Method?

The stock trading method pioneered by Nicolas Darvas is not day trading, not buy and hold investing, and it’s definitely not based on luck. His method is known as...

'The Darvas Box Theory'

This tested and perfected method allowed Darvas to identify only those stocks that were on the verge of making huge profits. This box theory not only gave Darvas apredefined point where to buy but also predefined points to sell. In short, Darvas had perfected a method that allowed him to minimize losses, while maximize profits.

After witnessing first hand the effect Darvas’ story has had on my trading, and my life, I made a decision to share his secrets with other struggling traders just like you.

I took it upon myself to track down the copyright owner for Darvas' first book "How I Made 2 Million Dollars In The Stock Market." After months of searching… I found them and after an even longer time emailing them back and forth I now have the privilege to bring to you the original Darvas story.

Introducing Nicolas Darvas’ world famous book...."The New How I Made $2 Million Dollars In The Stock Market." In this one ebook alone, Nicolas Darvas himself reveals how he, through ‘trial-and-error,’ finally cracked the code to making millions in the stock market.

Here's some of what you'll discover…

  • The mistakes Darvas made which cost him most dearly - by knowing these, you can avoid the same fate (page 3)

  • What to look our for with a stock broker.... All stock brokers are not the same, learn how Darvas figured out the best way to handle brokers... this information started making him a very handsome profit) (page 9)

  • How a little newspaper article lead him to hidden information, which would prove crucial. (page 15)

  • The 6 rules he learnt the hard way that became the foundation to unlocking his $2,000,000 system. (page26)

  • How Darvas thought he had it all wrapped up until disaster struck and he was inches away from bankruptcy. (Find out how a desperate choice on a certain stock opened his eyes to this piece of priceless information) (page 33)

  • What does a pyramid have to do with stocks? and how did it become part of an ‘amazing’ formula (page 38)

  • Discover what these numbers mean... 50 - 52 - 57 - 58 - 60 - 55 - 52 – 56 (This was crucial when setting up his system) (page 40)

  • How to use the "stop" method and why it's absolutely critical. (page 41)

  • Follow Darvas as he weaves his way through the maze of the mind boggling world of trading... this valuable information might just save your trading.

And much, much, much more.

In short,
Darvas' techniques, especially his unique "Darvas Box Theory," and many of his concise stock-market maxims - "I just jog along with the trend trailing my stop-loss insurance behind me." "There are no good or bad stocks, there are only rising and falling stocks." "I can become a diagnostician but I can never become a prophet." - have the potential to redefine the way you look at the market.

But don't take my word for it...

Here's The Proof

"I am averaging over 30% increase"

"I always wondered why I never made any money in stocks. That is, until I read Nicolas Darvas' book. The book is written in what seems to be a chronological order, nothing like what I expected a stock book to be. I believe Mr. Darvas principals are sound.

I' 've started following his methodology and have created the "boxes" for several stocks. It is truly amazing to see his principals at work here by watching prices move from box to box. I am averaging over 30% increase in value in those stocks which I am following.

For the price, A book well worth having in any library. Good reading, read it in one sitting and instituted the principals explained in the book immediately!

Jorge L. Moro (Stratford, NJ USA)

"I received a ton of inspiration"

"This reads like an autobiography and shows not just how he made his money but the mistakes he made and the money he lost as he learned how to invest profitably. As someone who has been trading for a couple of years now there was an awful lot that hit close to home, and I received a ton of inspiration on how to approach my future investments! The appendix goes into a full analysis of Darvas' investments that he tells about in the book -- very educational."

John Fairbanks (Houston, TX USA)

"I have yet to find a better book on how someone made so much money"

"For those of you who have not purchased this book yet because you feel the title reminds you of a weekend infomercial, you are making a HUGE mistake. As a market investor for 5 years, I have yet to find a better book on how someone made so much money in the market and how they did it.

Written similiar to a diary Darvas shares his first five years worth of mistakes, all of which we have made and the progression he made in himself in identifying his "box system" or better known as "techno-fundamental analysis".

One of the better subjects in this book that gets addressed, is how human emotion wears on someone who has invested in the market. While he does not give advice on how to control ones emotions, its great to see that the same fears and excitment we feel as market players, is also shared with the greatest of all-time.

How I made... is a quick read, and can probably be read from cover to cover in a few quick hours, and will definetly be one you will want to read many times over."

K. Kaczmarek (Allen Park, Mi United States)

"basically states what it took me 20 years of trading to conclude.

As cheesey as the title sounds, I read the reviews of the book and decided to give it a day or two of my time to see if it had anything useful. The book was recommended to me by some very successful traders so I picked up a copy. I read investment books continuously trying to figure out the seemingly psychotic behavior of the stock market.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. This author, even though writing about experiences 50 years ago, had a fantastic review of his trading. I was riveted by each page because he went thru what I went thru when I started out trading. His conclusions were right on and his trading style works.

It isn't anything fancy but basically states what it took me 20 years of trading to conclude. The good news for me is I am doing basically what he did and I am successful in this choppy market. All in all, a GREAT BOOK.

AK (KY United States)

"A must read for educational and inspirational purposes.

The evolution of the little trader from clueless to breakeven to profitable. A must read for educational and inspirational purposes. His box breakout can be interpreted in many ways which will force you to think about it, though his true edge is reglious use of stops and hanging on to winners.

The author described his own trading experience. But I think this one is a book about trading psychology. It shows the readers how a person growing from a novice to a successful trader. Many people made the same mistakes as the author did. Sometimes we did so but we didn't know it until it was too late. After reading it, I am quite sure I wouldn't fall in the same traps again. This could be money saving. I really enjoy this book!

Robert Goodman (NY, USA)

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Best Regards,

Jimmy S. Cox
Professional Trader

Ps. Still not sure?

PPs. Watch a short video about the Darvas' box trading method below:

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